About CLEANCO CARPET and upholstery cleaning

770-228-1068           At CLEANCO we don’t just want to do a satisfactory job cleaning your carpet and furniture, we strive to clean them the absolute best. That’s why it may take us a little bit longer than others, but the extra time is worth it!  Rushed work usually is not the best work.

Another benefit of our cleaning is our dry vacuuming process. We perform a delibrate ”slow” vacuuming, especially the high traffic areas. We also vacuum  the carpet edges and corners with a edging tool. By removing as much dry soil as possible your carpet will BE cleaner and STAY cleaner longer.

Our feature cleaning method consist of several steps including vacuuming, spot and heavy traffic lane treatment, light shampooing with a soft nylon brush to dissolve spots and soil and then steam cleaning to rinse out the cleaning agents and soil. This method produces amazing results!


Scotchgard              Teflon           Deodorizing            Sanitizing       Water Damage


Regular Cleaning of sofas and chairs prolongs the life of the fabric and helps maintain the brightness of the colors.  CLEANCO upholstery cleaning starts with a thorough vacuuming to remove embedded soil. Depending upon the fabric content and soil level, we choose one of our three upholstery cleaning methods- dry cleaning, low moisture or steam cleaning. Regular cleaning also maintains the color brightness and freshness of the fabric.

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